Workforce Readiness

Building Tomorrow’s Leaders, Innovators and Problem-Solvers.

Empowering People to Succeed

To help people meet the workforce challenges of tomorrow, they need safe spaces, positive mentorship and work experiences today.

At our Career Camps, we allow all ages to:

  • Explore their interests and passions
  • Develop their employability talent
  • Apply their knowledge to real-world work experiences


Leveling the Playing Field

Millions of people face an uncertain future and competitive job market. Our Career Camps help people stay on track in the midst of change.

What We Do

From an early age 14 through senior citizens, supportive Career Camp Facilitators provide opportunities to explore careers and prepare participants in the 28 Days to Employment Programs with employability skills for future success.

Creating Solutions

Our Career Camps cannot address the nation’s workforce needs alone. With the support of Corporations and other industry, nonprofit government and education partners, our Career Camps are identifying solutions and strategies to support participants as they prepare to rebuild their lives and find a career.

Do you represent a non-profit, veterans organization, homeless shelter, or high school or college?

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5 Stars

“I had the great chance to discover the 28 Days to Employment program when I was job hunting. Mr. Brown is a poised professional and articulate instructor with a solid experience in this area. He has nurtured the Career Camp program with his personality and technical knowledge in the field of searching for employment. I enjoyed learning from him throughout the videos and modules of the program. He provides very practical and useful examples, tips, models, templates and processes that I used to find my true talent and career. The program covers a broad range of topics related to job search and career transition that helped me strengthen my knowledge and competencies. It is user friendly and accessible. Many thanks CJ and keep up the great work!”

Linda Berry

“I continue to be in awe of the effort you put into the program. I have never seen a workforce readiness program that is this thorough. The lists, the explanations, the exercises all add up to a rigorous and useful program. Because, even though this program has a crazy amount of materials, all of the materials are useful. I learned so much when I worked through the materials the first time. And now that I’ve completed the program and worked the materials again, I am reminded of how rich the program is. I am still amazed at the quantity of information available to me in this program. As a former teacher, it was nice for me to see a well thought out process.”

Becky Davine

“I am still in awe at how you have created such a well-developed career readiness program for home study. I recommend this program for all my co-workers in Career Planning.”

MeLisa O’Connell, Ph.D.

Wanted to write regarding the fact that we have been referring veterans to you for just over a year now and will continue to make referrals. I am happy with your hands on approach with our clients in terms of getting to know them; to aid the placement process. I also appreciate that you “walk the walk, not just talk the talk” in that you do have direct contact with employers and can make direct referrals to employment. My placement vendors mostly send out resumes. Thanks for helping our vets find employment. We look forward to working with you in the next year.

Margaret Pray, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Department of Veteran Affairs

“It gave me the skills I need to improve and see how this program can take you to the next step in life. I would tell everyone to take this program because they take their time to teach the skills to be someone in life.”

Danny Romero

“I feel it has given me more confidence in myself, filling out applications, talking and working more positively with co-workers. I would recommend to family and friends that are unemployed.”

Nathaniel Townsend-Fath

“This presentation was full of valuable information that was “news” to me; not just the same old stuff you can find in any article about developing a positive mental attitude. Getting usable tools is a big part of staying motivated.”

Marty K.

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